Where is Madeira

The Madeira archipelago is a group of islands of Portugal, located in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of a total of eight islands, Madeira and Porto Santo are the only ones that are inhabited. Politically and administratively, the archipelago is the Autonomous Region of Madeira.



- Madeira (740.7 km ²),
- Porto Santo Island (42.5 km ²),
- Desert Islands (14.2 km ²) - three uninhabited islands;
- Savage Islands (3.6 km ²) - three islands and 16 uninhabited islets.

Of the eight islands, only the two largest (Madeira and Porto Santo) are inhabited having as main entrances, Madeira Airport in Funchal and Porto Santo. By sea, Funchal has a port that receives several ships, especially cruises. The remaining islands are nature reserves.


Source: Wikipedia